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Regarding the ATI card: I may be wrong, but isn’t before PCI? MostlyHarmless Ars Praefectus Registered: Sun Jan 20, It’s been a while. It must be something on the card that’s c , not the card itself. Mon Jan 21, 6:

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It must be something on the card that’s cnot the card itself. I may be wrong, but isn’t before PCI?

ati mach64 vt driver xp

XP didn’t even see mcah64 one, I think. When I switched to Windowsthough clean installI had the same problem–the system detected and identified the card fine, but it wouldn’t start. A Mach64 is probably a bit too sluggish to be useful but you can use it to power a secondary display – WinXP has support for Machbased cards, even.

What card did you then go to? ati mach64 xp

Or did you just give up on the secondary display stuff? Hell, 5 years ati mach64 xp introduction, inPCI cards were still very expensive in comparison. Mon Jan 21, 1: Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.


Sun Jan 20, 6: Sun Jan 20, 9: It’s been a while. Mon Jan 21, 6: I never resolved the problem and eventually gave up.

Apr 18, Posts: Aug 23, Posts: I mean, XP -did- detect it just fine, but it couldn’t use it or something. Time to look for a decent Matrox or something.

AMD ATI Technologies Inc. mach64 CT PCI drivers for Windows XP x86

Anyway, it should be useable as a secondary card, assuming you can get XP drivers for it; I guess it’s old enough that XP should have some kind of “legacy” ati mach64 xp for it. It ought to run dosquake ok with a vesa Jun 24, Posts: I’m curious if ati mach64 xp Matrox card would be something good for this Pentium systems never used anything but PCI.

I bought an ATI Xpert ISA was still the king ati mach64 xp the day. You know you want to find out too. Aug 14, Posts: May 14, Posts: Any chance this thing could run as a secondary video card under XP?


Hey, I was digging through my old junk and ran across an old ATI card It’s not that great, but it was fairly cheap. I tried to use that exact same card as a secondary monitor in XP, with exactly the same results “Could not start device” or some other ati mach64 xp nonsense.

I tried using it for a secondary display in Windows 98, and it worked fine. Tremek Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: