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Probably I can try to delete all the provisioned VDAs and re-provision a new set of servers. After that, I tested again with published application and it worked this time. The latest version is 7. If you feel I left anything out or perhaps explained incorrectly, please do let me know. If a user needs vendor specific preferences on a printer then you may have to install the native print driver for that specific printer.

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Because of this, the client citrix universal printer pathway will only work with Citrix universal printer fat client devices. Does UPC included in Receiver? Change it back to 1 to opt-in again. This is enabled by default but configurable via a Citrix policy named Direct connections to universall servers.

It also tells us where a job gets processed, spooled and so on. You also need to make sure the driver does not negatively affect operations.

Open a Case Online. At PrinterLogic, uniiversal got plenty of experience citrix universal printer making Citrix printing more reliable and manageable, thanks to our next-generation print management solution. Upgrade the VDA to 7.

Citrix Fixes – Universal Print Driver & Server, General Printing –

We still have to deal with delayed logons and printing, services that crash, blue screens, CPU spikes, auto-creation failures, and more. The PING interval is configurable through a registry key not sure which oneno policy just yet. The issue happened randomly and was fixed by updating the vda again. Again, this is just a validation, nothing more. The recommendations below have been defined by Citrix based on field experience and input from the sales, services, and support teams.


Citrix universal printer, in some situations, for example when the resources on the citrix universal printer computer are needed for other tasks, remote spooling is preferable. One thing led to another, so I wrote various articles on printing, including version 1.

If a proper one is not available it will use the UPD instead, of course, you can configure it to use the UPD right away as well. Typically, when a user logs in and successfully establishes a session on a Citrix universal printer XenApp server, no default printers, or all printers known to the client, will be mapped into the session default behavior.

When the print job is routed via ICA it is compressed. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help. PDF copy that is. Citrix fornisce traduzione automatica per aumentare l’accesso per supportare contenuti; rpinter, articoli automaticamente tradotte possono possono contenere degli errori.

They were are not optimized for multi-user environments; not tested or ccitrix services would hang spooler and Citrix Print Manager ; blue screens would pop up; citrix universal printer auto-creating citrix universal printer printers would fail; we would experience high CPU loads; and so on. This policy only applies to network printers configured on the client.

Which path is chosen by default depends on the kind of printer used.

Citrix Printing Quick Start Guide

You can specify that the Universal Print Driver is always used for example, configured using Cirtix Policies. With the None mode which will be applied by default nothing changes, all drivers will still be able to interact, and if one goes bad, citrix universal printer can still potentially bring down the whole machine, or the biggest part of it anyway.


If the standard model specific drivers are not already citrix universal printer, the system will attempt to create the printers using the Citrix UPD. By default previewing is disabled so when a user clicks print the job will be sent to the users local default printer.

For environments that do not have additional printer requirements, creating only the Citrix Universal Printer within each printeer instead of one printer for each underlying client printer can provide substantial performance savings on the XenApp server. If you download a. After each MCS update, the citrix universal printer provisioned VDA contains a key i dont recall now, will citrix universal printer it later which cause the server doesnt not join domain correctly even it appears in active directory.

Citrix Printing Quick Start Guide

Drivers displayed in the following screen shots ctrix from the bit Windows XP operating system. The print job from the Citrix session is sent via the ICA protocol and the print data is compressed.

Sounds like a driver issue although as you mention it is working now. Client printer redirection — This policy citrix universal printer whether client printers can be used within a Citrix session. Stop the Citrix Profile Management service and see if it still happens.