Considering previous reputation, we doubt anybody was questioning whether the European Ryder Cup team had a good time after taking back …. Plus the Jetspeed drivers are pretty cheap right now.. It has helped me a lot. Just right in the middle where it neither annoys you or makes you take notice. Best driver i’ve ever had. I think the best way to answer that question is by price point:

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Euro Tour 7hr ago Another spectator injured by golf ball, this time at Dunhill Links Less than a week after a woman was blinded in one eye after being struck by taylotmade errant Brooks Koepka drive at the Ryder Cup, another …. Time limit is exhausted.

When you change the loft you will change the lie of the club and whilst there is also an upright lie option on the how to change loft on taylormade jetspeed, it is still fixed with the loft so it you need a neutral lie, then try and get the head loft nearest to your required actual loft.

Doug March 1, at It also moves the centre of gravity CG closer to the face and this combination increases ball speed and reduces spin for greater distance. It seems like most clubs are designed to perform for when you swing perfectly without much concern for how to change loft on taylormade jetspeed most people swing the club.

The technology is sound and does deliver benefits in a package that has the almost reassuring looks of something familiar. How it impacts your ball flight will depend on you and your set-up and swing.


Jetspeed driver loft adjustments

The odd part to me about this driver is the lofting. I have only hit the SLDR in the hitting bay so my comparisons are not totally apples to apples. And now that it is almost 3 years old you can get it really cheap. Adam Staelin April 29, at 3: I also tested the JetSpeed on a Flightscope against the SLDR driver and it confirmed that the former is a higher spinning driver than the latter.

What I expect how to change loft on taylormade jetspeed a club in this category is top-tier performance and maybe a few less bells and whistles.

Tips for changing your loft on an adjustable driver | Golf Channel

Whether it be limited adjustability, matte black crown, or the stripe on the head cover, the vibe is way different than recent TaylorMade drivers. It still has the visual contrast that helps alignment, but is more mainstream than the previous white headed models.

It will be available in 8- 9. For this guy, that is a welcome reprieve. Taulormade, I am a bit confused by the question coupled jjetspeed the fact, I how to change loft on taylormade jetspeed not a big fan of adjusting drivers.

Frankly, I am thankful to move away from white crowns as they have always seemed too bright for me. Bought the JetSpeed on Friday and didn’t have a chance to practice with it before a scramble on Saturday. That much is set in stone for The Match, and a few more ….


TaylorMade JetSpeed driver | Golfweek

Uther Supply Golf Towels. Eddie September 16, at 2: The feel and stability is very good but I had a little extra shot dispersion compared to 45 inch drivers, which is not unusual.

I’ve been a Callaway fan for over 20 yrs and recently I found the Jetspeed Driver. I have a SLDR is really no different other than possibly the neutral position starting position face taylormace might be different in the different heads. They may not be the same. Need to know how many degrees of loft is assigned to each loft select line.

I am interested to see if the Jetspeed is more forgiving than the Sldr. Or one that can, for no discernible reason, yank it dead right they could call it the Murley Machine. I just bought a Jetspeed after a jettspeed in the cage at golfsmith.

Well they could have, but as all driver faces are already at the legal speed how to change loft on taylormade jetspeed COR to do so would have put it over the top, so it required some re-engineering. You can adjust the loft 1.