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Great review… I used the r7 draw at a demo day down here in sydney aus… Although i was not a chronic slicer i had my days when i could not keep the ball on the fairway.. What is the difference between a draw and offset? I went from a significant and repeatable slice to a mild draw. So I would like to know if I should go for this club or go for a neutral club. My longest drive of record with the r7 Draw was yards on the par-five 18th hole at a local course.

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In a word, it is BIG. The TaylorMade R7 Draw driver certainly lives up to its name without turning everything into a snap hook. This club has given me confidence off the tee.

TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver

Your email address You must enter a valid email address. Our test pro really taylor made r7 460 draw the club well and commented on how he found it relatively easy to draw. I got the r7 draw driver a few years back for christmas and i have loved it ever since thee first taylro i took to the driving range taylor made r7 460 draw drzw gone to the course but i couldent due to the weather mxde now i have got the r11 driver and in my opinion the r7 is a much better driver due to the fact that it is easier to hit and the r11 is a driver for very low hanicappers and the r11 comes with to much angle and weight to change to your style and with the r7 you can just get it fitted and you dont have to change anything so i sraw rather have the r7.


The confidence I have on the tee now is all thanks to my Taylormade r7 Draw driver. This shaft is designed to cause a high-launch angle, improving the right-to-left ball flight in the process.

Today’s Golfer

Thank you for your input. Although it has not got rid of my slice completely and I still throw in a quick taylor made r7 460 draw every now and then but my consistency, accuracy and distance have been increased dramatically. Added a hybrid 5 R7 to my collection late drzw the autumn with good result but the driver is still the best club. Then after that I was driving the ball with a slight fade, slight draw or dead straight.

Playing with it is another. Got the driver on Ebay 3BallsGolf. Well I just ordered one off of E-bay for My friends with talor equipment seem to be no better off.

TaylorMade R7 Draw Degree Driver Regular Flex Graphite | eBay

I adjusted my swing and took a long smooth back swing and followed through the ball – wow. Logically I think it will be more prone to twist with off-center hits if a toe weight were removed.

I just bought this club from Sports Authority but have not had the chance to take it out to the driving range yet. However, all my drives sliced right and I was playing the second shot off the cart 40 on a routine basis. The larger head may be distorting your preception of how close you are to the ball.

Was I going to hit it straight? Design taylor made r7 460 draw Technology The TaylorMade r7 Draw is obviously designed for golfers who have trouble keeping the ball away tsylor the right side of the golf course.


Have thought about updating but l don’t think l will now after looking at the reviews here.

I moved from trying to break 90 to trying to break 80 within weeks and if my chipping had been better this year then sub 80 would have been frequent. This driver has been an absolute g7.

I have been playing a Titleist for a number of years and have been happy with the result.

MOI equals forgiveness, as the less the driver twists on off-center impact the straighter your ball will fly. Distance, accuracy and great to look at at address! Club golfers might not completely eliminate their slice with it, but hitting the right edge of the fairway is always better than the rough!

Had the most amazing drive of my golf life yesterday…. It’s my favourite club, not bad for a man who only hit a 3 taylor made r7 460 draw for 5 years!

TaylorMade TaylorMade R7 Draw Drivers

Great feel and sound when hit. So if either of these are your natural shots then this is the club for you.

That natural fade turns into a natural slice, robbing me of distance and accuracy.

I also have the draw irons stiff graphite to go with the R7 Draw driver.